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Sinful Sweets


By the time I was 8 years old, I knew how I would spend each holiday.  It was a rite of passage for the Heggen kids that making candy and English Toffee with Grandma would be part of any celebration.  Little did we realize that her recipe would be an annual staple!


Grandma Millie Heggen was our personal candy chef whose specialty was creating English Toffee.  Her home in Thousand Oaks, CA always had a faint fragrance of melted butter and chocolate.  I grew up making this savory English Toffee recipe under the patient guidance of my Grandma Heggen (whom we all called Gram Cracker).  She was careful to let us mix and stir but to watch out as she poured out the bubbly hot decadence!

When I left home for college, and then married and began a family, I had practiced the art of toffee making with Gram Cracker at least 500 times.


No matter what phase of life I was in, I continued the tradition and made Grandma's English Toffee recipe and other candies to give as Christmas gifts, Birthday gifts, party favors, and housewarming presents to the delight of the receivers.  Surprisingly, over the years, more and more requests were coming in from recipients to buy additional bags of toffee.  Of course, my full-time job as a director of sales and marketing for an international airport sales promotion company kept me extremely busy, but how could I refuse the requests for more? Plus, it brought me joy to step aside from the corporate world on weekends to pursue the creative task of developing new flavors and bringing smiles to anyone that tried my toffee!


Today, Sinful Sweets by Stacie is my full-time career adventure.  I invite you to enjoy the delicious Toffee that the great Grandma Heggen bestowed to us.  I strive to make her proud and make you want to keep coming back for more!

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Fundraising & Events

Showers, Birthdays, Anniversaries, Weddings, Fundraisers, Reunions; we can sweeten any event!

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You make the best toffee ever! I love it!!! Too much actually! - John Jr Rossetti

OMG! I just got our toffee today and it was the best I’ve ever had. We will definitely be ordering again! Thank you - Joanne Thorsen Bodenhamer

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